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   Low Cost Pathological Laboratory:

Since its inception in 1990 the pathological laboratory has been providing all sorts of pathological tests at a low cost as well as concessional rate to the patients and also at free of cost to those who were unable to bear even the minimum cost. Except Sunday, the unit extends its services to the public from 8 am to 6 pm round the week.

   Low Cost X-Ray Unit:

This unit was started in the years 1991 with a 300 MA X-Ray machine. It provides X-Ray at a nominal charge to all the patients. The unit also provides the service at concession rate and if necessary at free of cost to the patients who cannot afford the nominal charge. Except Sunday, the unit extends its services to the public from 8 am to 6 pm round the week. In case of urgency, the service is extended even on Sunday..

   Low Cost Generic Drug Centre:

Medicines with Generic name! With an aim of creating responsiveness & movement regarding the Generic Drugs amongst the common people this service of ours started functioning in the year 1992. Since inception the centre is providing essential medicines at a low cost to all the people and at the needy persons. This was the first center in Jalpaiguri town that provided 24 hours service to the patients. Despite security concerns, organization is firm to run this project for the benefit of the common people during the night. Besides, medicines collected from the doctors and medical representative were also distributed time to time amongst the people in need through medical camps etc.
   The unit also contributes the maximum to continue with the day – to – day activities of the organization. We are accepting the facts this unit is unable to provide all kinds of medicines needed for various types of patients. We are trying our level best to provide better service to more and more people overcoming the present drawback. We are proud to start the home delivery service for the aged people and for those who have none to collect the necessary medicines from our centre.    
   Low Cost Spectacles Centre:

At a nominal charge and even at free of cost this centre provides facility of an experienced Optometrist of Hospital who voluntarily examines the eyes and gives suggestion for spectacles to the patients. Since 1995 the unit has been providing spectacles at low cost or at free of cost to the ailing persons. Besides, through the project, old spectacle frames donated by the kindhearted people of the district were distributed, after due repair, to the needy section of the society. Besides, the project has been successful to provide new spectacle frames to its beneficiaries at low cost. To reach out to the marginalized group of the people we have decided to organize Eye Examination Camp in the remote of the district. People are benefited from 8am to 6pm every day from this centre.


   Low Cost ECG unit:

This unit was started in 1994 to provide ECG at free of cost to the poor patients and at a low cost to the people who can bear it. There is a new computerized ECG machine along with the manual one to serve more patients in a short time. Our volunteer serves the patients at their homes in cases where they are unable to move or reach at our centre. Except Sundays, our volunteers serve the people from 11 am to 5 pm untiringly.
   Mobile Ambulatory Clinic:

Jalpaiguri Welfare Organization made the first voluntary move to start the Ambulatory Service in Jalpaiguri. Presently though the number of such voluntary organizations has increased still as per need we serve the people at concessional rate and even at free of cost that has been duly admitted by the people and the administration. Besides it is hard to access ambulatory service from other organizations during the night but we are always at the public service. In addition, service is also provided during natural calamities by arranging medical camps & rescue and restoration operations conducted by the CHILDLINE Service. JALPAIGURI WELFARE ORGANIZATION started this 24 hours ambulatory clinic in the year 1989 as a community based project.
   Moreover, this service plays a pivotal role to bring the patients in the nearest hospital or clinic, being injured in accident or any types of calamities.    
   Mortuary Van:

In this busy world none have the time to be the part of the last rites of the deceased persons and carry them to the cremation ground on their own shoulders. Keeping in mind the very rude moment of time Jalpaiguri Welfare Organization kept its urge to start a Mortuary Van for such occasions. Hon’ble Ex – Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Smt. Minati Sen stood by us and extended her helping hands by supporting us from her MP LAD Fund that made the dream of Mortuary Van a reality for all of us. We express our sincere gratitude to Smt. Minati for her bighearted support. We are filling proud to provide this type of service to the hapless families during their essential period..