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HealthDisabilitySocial Justice 
  Everybody knows that a large number of people in our country are being deprived of getting their essential rights such as food, clothes, education, health, abode etc. Whereas to live with equal rights is a fundamental right of the people of our country and it has been declared in our constitution categorically. Ensuring these rights is the solemn duty of the country. But presently the actual scenario of our country is not very delightful. The country is slowly but gradually phasing out its altruistic responsibilities, instead these responsibilities are being handed over to the private as well as multinational companies. Therefore, only a handful of affluent people are enjoying these rights. Vast number of underprivileged people of our country is being deprived of having the minimum service entitled for them.
The people who have been bestowed the responsibilities to think of the welfare of the mass are negligent towards their duties. Although some individuals and organizations are raising their voice against this practice sporadically but a little effect of such protest is seen at the time of policymaking by the policymakers of the country. So such protestation must be continued to bring a change in this scenario. If such protestation is not been there then the country will cease participating in welfare of the people in policymaking. Jalpaiguri Welfare Organization was established in the year 1982 mainly to sort out the problem, standing as a hindrance before the poor and helpless people to get their right to health as well as to fight against the corruption and injustice, which is perpetrated, against the aforementioned segment of the society. To stand firmly beside the people who are helpless and underprivileged is also a consecrated mission of the organization.   
   With a view to give relief to some extent to the helpless patient and also to some extent to sort out the problem of health care management in the year 1982 emerged the organization, Jalpaiguri Welfare Organization. Through various trials and tribulations the organization completed its 31st year of service with firm footing. The cherished mission of the organization was to fight against the injustice and corruption and to ensure the fundamental rights of the people and that government facilities are being available to the common man and if needed to assist them. Through various trials and tribulations, unquestionably it has emerged now as a humane serving entity to the people of Jalpaiguri and its adjacent areas. It was possible because of the unstinted co-operation of the like-minded people of Jalpaiguri in general and in particular the well-wishers and all the members in every tire of Jalpaiguri Welfare Organization. In the backdrop of the then socio-economic scenario of the society, priority was given to health and hygiene related matters. But gradual improvement of both the quantity and quality of the organization as well as the imperative need of the people we are to embark upon a number of projects including a move towards fighting disability for getting equal opportunity in the society.