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About Jalpaiguri Welfare
Everybody knows that a large number of people in our country are being deprived of getting their essential rights such as food, clothes, education, health, abode etc. Whereas to live with equal rights is a fundamental right of the people of our country and it has been declared in our constitution categorically. Ensuring these rights is the solemn duty of the country. But presently the actual scenario of our country is not very delightful. The country is slowly but gradually phasing out its altruistic responsibilities, instead these responsibilities are being handed over to the private as well as multinational companies. Therefore, only a handful of affluent people are enjoying these rights. Vast number of underprivileged people of our country is being deprived of having the minimum service entitled for them.
From Secratary's Desk
At a time when moral values are degenerating, magnanimity is giving way to self-centeredness and rationality often yields to intolerance fanaticism the relevant of organizations like this one cannot be understood.
It is high time that people from all walks of life come forward to join hands with such positive forces to outpace the forces of evil from the society.
Jalpaiguri Welfare Organization is indebted to all those volunteers, activities, well-wishers and donors but for whose dedication and tireless efforts it could not have achieved the distinction it now boasts of. We must not forget that no man is in island and hence we must care about welfare of other people as we do about our own. I appeal you all to be determined that we are satiated but must not be satisfied till we achieve our aspiration of peoples’ right. With this hope and appeal, I request you all to visit the website, get in touch to our activities and movements.

Suggestions for further improvement of the website will be highly appreciated.

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